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Homemade Fried Pezzini Farms Artichoke Hearts

Posted by Mark Tacy on

Bring the delicious, crispy joy of fried artichokes to the comfort of your own kitchen! With our Pezzini Farms Fried artichoke mix, it's easy to cook up some tasty treats. 

Here's what you need:


  1. Prepare a large bowl of water and lemon juice to place the peeled and cut artichoke hearts in. The acid from the lemon juice, mixed with water, will keep the artichoke hearts from turning brown. Plus, it adds a nice lemon-y taste!
  2. Pull off the outer leaves of the artichoke until you reach the yellow soft leaves on the inside. Peel away leaves until there are no green leaves left. Any green leaves left on the artichoke heart will have a bitter taste, so it's important to remove them all! 
  3. Cut the tip off the artichoke and trim off all the rough leaf "roots" around the stalk of the heart. 
  4. Put into lemon water to rest. Keep peeling and trimming the artichoke hearts until all are ready.
  5. Steam or sautee the artichoke hearts until soft. 
  6. Mix 1 cup of Pezzini Farms artichoke mix with 1 cup water. 
  7. Heat a large sauce pan or deep fryer to 350 degrees. 
  8. Dip and roll the artichoke hearts in the mixture until desired coating is applied, then carefully drop into the deep fryer or saucepan. Cook on one side until golden brown, then turn, cook other side until golden brown and remove. 
  9. Wait for them to cool, then enjoy with your favorite dipping sauce! We like a spicy ranch or spicy mayo sauce.